who are we

    Sayidaty recipes is a new Arabic electronic magazine that was established around the clock in 2019, as a new tributary of modern media, to keep pace with the progress and transfer of information in the information age. It is a comprehensive health, social, cultural and recreational site. The site's activities are funded by marketing events and commercials. The site transmits tips and information formulated in an easy and engaging style, while maintaining respect for the reader and dealing responsibly with our audience by maintaining our national and ethical constants.

    The site is aware of the fact that it is influential in the formulation and crystallization of the personality of our people cultural and national, and here we are keen to provide information and deal with it with great responsibility.

    The site employs a distinguished group of women and men in the fields of health, editing, journalism and graphic design with a high level of skill and culture, in addition to a number of computer and programming engineers. The site has a team of experienced correspondents deployed in different regions. Our site is the site of the Arab family in every sense of the word.

    The site is aimed at large sections of our people, boys and girls, men and women, from all segments of the generation of children to the elders, who are present in various fields and with different interests.

    The site's news is updated around the clock, and contains a large and growing number of domains, appendices and pages.

    The site relies on the active participation and contribution of the audience of the Internet, through commenting and commenting on everything included in the pages of the site.